‘How To’ Book

‘How to Launch a New Product Faster’ 

by Elizabeth Cavanagh  

How to Launch a New Product Faster Project Management Project Manager Change ManagementThere are 5 main reasons why product launches fail, and this newly released book will teach you the 5 Secrets to avoid these mistakes and successfully launch new products faster.  To order, click here.

I uncovered these 5 Secrets over the course of my career while working with high-tech companies to launch new products and marketing programs.  I’ve structured these 5 secrets into a standardized 5-step launch methodology that allows people to systematically and successfully launch new products very quickly.

The secrets uncovered in this book walk you through how to set up your project to best manage all the moving pieces, along with strategies for managing the politics that can easily derail projects.  You’ll learn 7 best practice tips for managing your project team, as well as 7 best practice tools that you can put to use in your projects starting today.  

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What is Elizabeth Cavanagh’s Background?  Click here to find out.

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